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Law's next generation of work distribution technology.

Smarter work allocation. Happier lawyers. Diverse and inclusive teams.

Meet Capacity

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Making work distribution more efficient.


We estimate that up to £22k per lawyer is wasted each year through inefficient and unequal work distribution.


Capacity connects your people with work up to 90% faster, making most of their time at work.

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Helping lawyers love

their work.


Surveys consistently find lawyers feel stressed, overworked, and overlooked, leading to high attrition rates.

Capacity maximises employee autonomy and promotes equal access to work opportunities. This in turn boosts job satisfaction, productivity, and profits.

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Building happy,

hard-working teams.

Law firms struggle to extract rich insights from internal productivity data, restricting their ability to drive efficiency and equality.

Capacity provides automated reports to forecast availability and optimise work distribution, getting ahead of burnout and attrition.

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An unbiased work distribution platform, connecting lawyers with work faster and with maximum autonomy.

Our Solution

Live availability

Real-time updates on employee availability. 
Directs work to the most available resource, ensuring work is delivered more efficiently and to the highest possible standard while reducing the number of overworked employees.
Supports remote working and cross-office or cross-jurisdiction teams.

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Demonstrate to clients a measurable commitment to inclusivity, efficiency, employee wellbeing, and innovation.

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