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Capacity instantly connects lawyers with work based on their availability, experience, and interests.

Live availability

Search for available, skill-matched employees in seconds. By presenting real-time updates on each lawyer’s availability, Capacity instantly flags which staff can’t take on a task – and which are desperate for more work. Hone your search with eligibility criteria to pinpoint the person best-placed to tackle your task quickly and to a high standard.

We estimate that poor work allocation methods cost each lawyer an average of two hours per month in wasted time. Meanwhile, those with too much on their plate suffer burnouts, leading to poor mental health, sick leave, and employee attrition. Capacity’s live availability feature helps rebalance work across your team, driving efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction. 

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Work distribution

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Seamlessly connecting lawyers with the work that excites them most. Senior lawyers can quickly refine their employee search criteria when delegating urgent tasks, with Capacity’s algorithm guiding them to the most appropriate person in seconds. Firms can also choose to use Capacity’s blind work allocation feature, built to eradicate unconscious bias in rapid decision-making.

Alternatively, junior lawyers can choose from a list of pending tasks the work that best matches their availability, experience, and career advancement interests. This nurtures your team’s sense of autonomy and ownership over their work, increasing job satisfaction and employee retention.

Managed workflows

Track the complex workflows buried in your inbox. In fast-paced firms, ad hoc work allocation tends to trump structured, considered resource management. We know: we’ve been there. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By centralising project workflows in one simple interface, Capacity stores and shares everything lawyers need to know about matters, tasks, and the people undertaking them. 

This means no more trawling through email chains for names and details. On Capacity, allocated tasks link to the resources and information lawyers need to complete them. Senior lawyers can check the progress of tasks, or flag urgent changes, with the touch of a button. Junior lawyers can devote more time to the tasks that advance their careers – and less time to needless administration. 

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Business insights

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Extract more value from your internal data. Law firms generate reams of data on how their people work – but much of it remains untapped. Capacity’s real-time workflow tracking collects and organises data on past, present, and future employee availability, searchable by individual, job role, or across an entire team.

Processed into automated reports, your team’s data can reveal hidden work distribution inefficiencies, unequal opportunities for work, or factors that may impact the quality of people’s work. Capacity does all this heavy lifting behind the scenes, delivering new insights to help firms improve productivity and demonstrate to clients a commitment to equality and diversity. 

Job satisfaction

Making humans more than resources. Junior lawyers crave career-developing opportunities, and firms benefit from balanced, experienced lawyers. Capacity’s industry-first experience matrix tracks and visualises gaps in lawyer skill sets that firms may wish to fill. Meanwhile, lawyers can highlight the skills they’re keen to develop, which work allocators can take into account when distributing tasks.

We know the legal profession is demanding, but it needn’t be brutal. Too many industry surveys find junior lawyers stressed and frustrated, feeling either overworked or overlooked. Lawyers frequently cite unmet career development goals and inaccessible opportunities as reasons for leaving their firms. As lawyers, we’ve felt and witnessed these attritional pain points first-hand. That’s why we built Capacity – to help firms invest in their talent, streamline work distribution, and nurture motivated, inclusive teams.

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Smarter work allocation. Happier lawyers. Diverse and inclusive teams.

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