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Why lawyers leave – and how to make them stay

Updated: 2 hours ago

At Capacity, we firmly believe that the power of technology can liberate lawyers from the worst aspects of their roles, granting them more freedom to earn, learn, progress in their careers, and thrill in their work.

Our interest in associate wellbeing led us some time ago to the Law Life Balance podcast, hosted by the wonderful Caitlin McFee. The podcast is a brilliant resource for anyone scratching their heads over lawyers’ wants and needs, and what it is that makes them leave their roles – and sometimes, the law altogether.

In this episode our co-founder, William, joins Caitlin to discuss some of the major issues affecting associates, and their solutions. Specifically, they explored:

  • Autonomy as the silver bullet to many wellbeing issues

  • Systemic and cultural barriers to diversity and inclusion

  • Why lawyers leave their jobs, and

  • Alternative, healthier KPIs for firms to measure their success.

You can listen to William and Caitlin’s conversation via these links to the Spotify and Apple podcast libraries.

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