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A watershed moment for the UK legal industry

The 1% Study seems like the watershed moment we have all been waiting for in the UK legal industry.

As David Lammy MP wrote in his foreword, this vital research offers us the opportunity to focus on progression, reorienting the diversity conversation around solutions rather than problems.

Speaking at today’s launch event, Julian Richard mentioned one of those solutions: effectively interrupting bias in work allocation through algorithmic, data-driven decision making. At Capacity, we’re honoured to have contributed to this section of the report, and humbled to see our perspective alongside so many convincing, evidence-based cases for change in the profession.We are thrilled to see Julian’s extensive study getting the attention it deserves.

As for Capacity’s approach to levelling the playing field for Black lawyers, we are always seeking to learn and improve - our door remains open for an explanation of our product, as well as for feedback and advice from underrepresented lawyers.

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